Scottsdale High School Association


The structure of the School Association

What will the Association do?

Participate in the development of a set of beliefs, values and priorities for the school and the school policies and code of conduct.

Provide advice and recommendations to the Principal about general management of the school.

Participate on the selection panel for the advertised permanent vacancy for the position of Principal.

Foster cooperation among teachers, students, members of the School Association, parents and the community.

Provide advice and recommendations to the Secretary of the Department of Education on any matter relating to policy.

Approve the school budget

 Any other function the Minister determines.


The School Association Committee is made up of:


Elected by Parents


Elected by Staff


From the SRC


By Appointment

Broader Community

1 selected by Dorset Council and 1 member by election.

Sub Committees of School Association

Parents and Friends

Farm Board

Field Study Centre





Student Representative Council

You can email the Scottsdale High School Association by clicking HERE


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