Our School in 2017


Our School and Community

The Scottsdale school community is set in a rural agricultural environment in North East Tasmania, approximately 70 km from Launceston. Historically, Scottsdale‚€™s economic base has been agriculture and forestry. Today, the economy remains strong but has expanded to include softwood industries and tourism.

The Scottsdale community is supportive and traditional with a strong sense of family values. There is great pride in the traditions of the school. The school is strongly supported by its School Association, Parents and Friends‚€™ sub-committee, and numerous other parent and community groups who continue to actively contribute and enrich the school'ss educational program.

The school has celebrated a reputation built up over 90 years of which the community is proud. Strong and supportive relationships are maintained between the school and its community. This is evidenced by a committed School Association, a Mt Cameron Field Studies Centre Committee, a Farm Board, the Dorset Trade Training Centre Local Management Group, local businesses which provide work experience placements, various Service clubs and sport organisations.

The school‚€™s high retention rate reflects a community that values further education and training. The school enjoys a wonderful reputation of past students achieving academic and vocational success.

The Students

The student enrolment of 350 comprises Grades 7 to 12, representing the 12 to 18 year age group. Students transfer from Bridport, Ringarooma and Scottsdale Primary Schools as well as Winnaleah District High School. Many students have direct family links to the original students of the High School, reflecting loyalties to, as well as pride in the district and the school.

The students study a curriculum which represents all learning areas. They participate successfully in a wide range of academic competitions at state and national levels. Outdoor Education is a highly valued school activity which provides a variety of character building experiences and challenges across the four years of schooling. Many students strive towards further education or vocational training. Scottsdale students are keenly sought after by employers because of their excellent work ethic.

A high proportion of students travel by bus which limits after school activities. However, local communities more than compensate by providing sporting opportunities, which our students enthusiastically embrace, maintaining healthy, longstanding inter-town rivalries. Students are exceptionally talented in many co-curricular activities such as sport; debating; national and state subject competitions; and cattle handling, craft and food products at agricultural shows. Work placements and flexible programs which are targeted to suit individual needs of students is well supported by the many local businesses and industries.

The Staff

There are 32 teachers, 5 administration personnel, 8 teacher assistants 6 attendants, 2 kiosk personnel, 1 chaplain, 1 laboratory technician, 1 computer network support, 1 social worker and 1 guidance officer. Most staff reside in the community and value the lifestyle and environment afforded to them and their children, many of whom have attended Scottsdale High School. The collective expertise of the staff allows a wide variety of subjects to be offered at the highest standards.

Professional learning is a high priority for all staff. A strong emphasis is placed on team development in both grade and learning areas. Leadership opportunities will be distributed across the school.

Strong links are established with families to ensure that close monitoring of students‚€™ progress and behaviour can occur. The staff expect students to strive for excellence and to make a strong commitment to all facets of their education.

The Facilities

Scottsdale High School was established in 1922, on 2 hectares of land, originally donated by an early settler, Alexander Coplestone. The school‚€™s foreground buildings are of heritage value and are situated within picturesque gardens, which many visitors admire from the Coplestone Street entrance. In addition the school has a productive school farm of 20 hectares located 3 km away, a keenly managed pine plantation and a well maintained field studies centre at Mt Cameron which is accessed by state and national organisations. In 2004 the school officially opened the Dorset Skill Centre which caters for students in Grades 11/12 as well as community learners in vocational education and training courses.

A State of the Art Performing Arts Centre development including a kiosk was completed in 2005 and serves the needs of the school and the wider community. The school is bordered by an attractive golf course and enjoys convenient access to the community recreation grounds, stadium and swimming pool complex. The entire school campus is built at ground level providing suitable access for all community members. Development in technology including wireless internet access, is keeping the school at the forefront with initiatives in state education. In 2010, the school received Federal Government funding to build a Trade Training Centre on its site. Further information on these facilities are available on this site.

The Curriculum

The curriculum is aligned to the requirements of the Australian Curriculum and includes English, Science, Mathematics and History. Our curriculum is inclusive of all students and is centred around the seven General Capabilities:

  • Literacy
  • Numeracy
  • Information and communication technology capability
  • Critical and creative thinking
  • Personal and social capability
  • Ethical understanding
  • Intercultural understanding.

 In addition to the Australian Curriculum, The Tasmanian Curriculum Framework provides learning opportunities from the following learning areas; Health and Wellbeing, Art, Music, Drama, LOTE, Technology (IT, Wood, Metal, Graphics, Food, Textiles), Agriculture and Flexible Programs as well as other various options. The school promotes a balanced academic program. A strong Pastoral Care Program is provided through grade teams.

The curriculum is being enriched through teams at both grade and learning area level. This is also supported by our focus (as a whole staff) on quality teaching and learning with staff regularly engaged in professional learning to improve and develop our practice to ensure that we meet the needs of all learners.


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