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The need for a high school in the district was pressing by 1920. Few of the senior scholars from north east Tasmania could afford to travel by train to Launceston, which in those days was forty miles away. Board was expensive and difficult to obtain. Alexander Coplestone offered to donate four acres of land behind the recreation ground for a high school. The Premier, J. B. Hayes, a resident of Scottsdale, accepted the offer and had the school built - initially an office and three classrooms in red brick for the twenty scholars who qualified for secondary education. Scottsdale High School was established in 1922. Mr W.C.(Carl) Morris was appointed as the first headmaster.

The opening of high school classes was an exciting step since there were only high schools in Hobart, Launceston, Burnie, Devonport, and Huonville at the time. Forty-seven scholars were ready to begin the new year in 1923.

The original school motto was, "Prorsum et Semper Honeste," which is Latin for 'Straightforward and Always Honest.' However, in the 1990's the motto was changed to a more contemporary sentiment," Be Your Best."  In 2013, this was reviewed and the motto is now, "Think Positive, Be Positive".

School uniform was different to the variations possible within the school uniform today. There was an optional school hat that students could choose to wear.

 First students to attend Scottsdale High School.

Click on the links below for past Executives on the Student Representative Council , past Duces and winners of the L.V. Jacques and Parents and Friends Awards and Sports Champions (1970 onwards).


     Awards: L.V. Jacques, Dux,  Parents & Friends and Past S.R.C. | Past Sporting Champions


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