Scottsdale High School - Grade 9 Camp


Grade 9 Camp


Environment camp, Navigation and History, Water Sampling and Botany and Photography and Video 

Environment Camp Mt Cameron

On this camp students are involved in activities that help to develop personal skills such as self sufficiency, teamwork, independence, co-operation also and outdoor education skills in camping, navigation, orienteering and hiking. Students choose from one of the three specialists subjects, Navigation and History, Water sampling and Botany as well as Photography and Video. They get the chance to study three completely different environments of the North East, a sand dune area on the coast, sclerophyll forest around Mt Cameron and the abandoned mine site at Pioneer and the Blue Lake.

Specialist Groups

 NAVIGATION and HISTORY  the main task for these students is to navigate the group on the  hike. They are given maps compasses and an aerial photograph of the Mt Cameron area and told to plan a suitable route across it.

 The students are also be expected to study the history of the area  including the various mine workings and machinery. At Cube Rock the students are be expected to take measurements which will allow them to calculate the weight of the rock.

WATER SAMPLING AND BOTANY The students take water samples from rivers, streams and dams encountered on the walk and tested for turbidity, pH, phosphates and salinity.  As well as plant specimens are collected from the different environment's.

PHOTOGRAPHY AND VIDEO Students produce a video and photographic "essay" of the camp some. This is turned into a major display at school and the video forms part of the video yearbook.


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