Grade 10 Camp


Survival,   Kayaking   and the  Tomahawk Olympics

Currently, the Grade 10 outdoor education program has three components; a survival camp and a kayaking segment concluding with the 'Tomahawk Olympics.' Two class groups alternate on the survival and kayaking sections and compete on the last day in an Olympics challenge .


The survival camp has run continuously since 1975. Below is a scene from the original camp.

The survival camp involves camping for two nights under the stars in shelters which are constructed from local materials, branches, bark etc. and plastic. The students are set a number of challenging tasks which have to be solved with limited food and equipment. The overall challenge is for the whole group to work together as team.  

Students are blindfolded and taken to an unknown location. On arrival, they are involved in a simulated plane crash where they have to carry the little food and equipment collected from the 'crash site' to a rescue point marked on a map.  An 'injured' person must be carried on a home made stretcher for part of the journey which takes two days. Particular emphasis is given to the development of co-operative, friendly attitudes, initiative and leadership qualities.  


This part of the camp program consists of a preliminary session on the basics of kayaking, followed by a short trip to the mouth of the Ringarooma River, the Great Forester River and further skills development on the Pioneer Dam.

At the Mt. Cameron Field Study Centre on the first night of kayaking, students are set a navigation task for the following day.  Some people call it canoe orienteering.  The group have to reach a particular point with all their kayaks and gear. The journey may take the group through swamps, thick tea-tree bush, sand dunes and lagoons.  Some of the journey is physically hard but this can be made easier by careful planning and orienteering.

Kayaking at Scottsdale High School was started by Mr Jeff Jennings, a well-known sea kayaker

Tomahawk Olympics

On the final day of the Grade 10 camp, the two teams compete against each other in a series of mental and physical challenges at Tomahawk. This is an excellent way to complete the camp. Students find it most enjoyable and a memorable exercise in team bonding. 

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