Scottsdale High School - Arts


The Arts

Music, Art and Drama


Music is available to all grades. Students experience practical and theory work. Many different instruments can be played and solo or group performances are used to assess students throughout the year.


Art is available to all grades. Students experience practical and theory work, and  keep a journal to interpret art works. They develop skills with various materials including lino printing, painting, clay sculpting, photography and drawing.


Drama is a popular subject and is available to all grades.  Students are required to keep a reflective journal of their progress in class.  Learning includes improvisation, comedy and dance.

In the past we have had many interesting and exciting productions.

1973- Toad of Toad Hall

1975- The Boyfriend

1978- Godspell

1980- The Wizard of Oz

1982- Westside Story

1984- Off to the Diggings

1986- The Sentimental Bloke

1994- Man of Steel

1997- Images

1999- Sheik, Rattle 'n' Roll

2001- Fatman and Cobber

2002- MAD Evening

2004- Road Rage

2005- PAC Attack

2006- Peter Pan

2008- Jungle Book

2010- Alice in Wonderland


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