Student Leadership Board

The SRC (Student Representative Council) is elected by the students in December. It consists of 4 Executive (President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer) and 8 members from each grade, Each member participates within three smaller committees. These committees are: The Fundraising Committee, The Welfare & Activities Committee and The Social Committee.


Welfare & Activities

The role of the Welfare and Activities Committee is to support and plan events to assist charities of their choosing, to support sponsor children and to organize activities for lunchtime and P.C., mainly amongst the Grade 7's
The Welfare Committee has supported charities such as: The Fred Hollows Foundation, The Epilepsy Foundation of Tasmania, The Children's Medical Research Institute and The Kidney Foundation of Australia.
They also sponsor two children in Africa through Plan International. 

Social Committee

It is tradition for Scottsdale High School to hold a Social once a term. The Socials are organised by the SRC Social Committee. A Social is a cross between a school dance and a disco. The Socials runs  for 2 ½  hours. The Social Committee organises the decorations, food and drinks and most importantly the band or a DJ. All students enjoy Socials and look forward to them at the end of each term.

Fundraising Committee 

The role of the  Fundraising Committee is to conduct school fundraisers. Some fundraising events that we conduct are, an annual Easter Raffle and Chocolate Drive. Most of the money raised from these fundraisers goes back into the SRC and the school.  The Fundraising Committee appreciates the assistance  of those who support their fundraising initiatives.


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